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Why Can'T I Stop Throwing Up While Pregnant

Try to eat foods and liquids that you know won't taste horrible coming back up because, most likely, they will. Drink a lot of gatorade. Also after every time you vomit, eat or drink something right after, anything is better than throwing up bile. Don't be afraid to go in for an IV on your bad HG days. You will feel awesome after.

I hadn't thrown up in close to 10 years and was relieved to make it through pregnancy and child birth (apparently a lot of people throw up during labor too)! But then my son started bringing stomach viruses home from daycare and I've had 2 bouts of vomiting since he was born : ( S SEdan16 I didn't vomit until I was between six and eight weeks. Vomiting


Why Can'T I Stop Throwing Up While Pregnant - Discount Place

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