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The Fastback

The Fastback

The Fastback is an easy to build kit, which may be built either as a line of sight - remote controlled (RC) aircraft, or as an autonomous aircraft with flight controller.


Build time for the airframe should be about an hour.


Kit includes airframe components to assemble one airframe. 


No Electronic Components are included with kits.


Specifications (Assembled):

  • Length 665mm (~26")
  • Wingspan 730mm (~29")


Empty Weight (Assembled - No Electronics): 104 grams


  • Battery Compartment - I've flown with 3s, 4s, and 18650 packs of various capacities.
    • Height 45mm - 35mm (Tapers from Front of Windshield to Firewall)
    • Length 200mm (From Avionics Rack to Firewall)
    • Width 50mm - 30mm (From Avionics Rack to Firewall)


  • Center Of Gravity and Pitch Trim for Takeoff
    • 6mm forward of front spar
    • Flat Elevator - No Pitch + or - Elevator trim at takeoff.


Rev 42 updates include:

  • Improved Avionics Plate with Wiring Passthroughs
  • Center of Gravity Markers
  • Motor Backplate R3


Kit Includes:

  • Laser Cut Foamboard Airframe
  • Popsicle Sticks as required
  • 3d Printed Motor Mount
  • 3d Printed Control Horns


Suggested Parts to complete your Kits:

  • Motor - 16 X 19 Motor Mounts with M3 Screws.  I'm using 2205-2300KV quadcopter motors.
    • Suggested Link:


  • Propeller - I enjoy 6045 bullnose propellers on 4S for maximum performance
    • 6045 Bullnose Prop Suggested Link:


  • ESC - 30amp with BEC
    • Suggested Link:


  • 3 Servos - 9 Gram - Metal Gear Preferred
    • Suggested Link:



Recommended Tools:

  • Hot Glue Gun
    • Suggested Link:


  • Bulk Hot Glue
    • Suggested Link:


  • Maker Blocks
    • Suggested Link:


No Electronic Components are included with kits.

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $24.00Sale Price
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