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The Drag Queen

The Drag Queen

Revision 24 is the latest iteration of the Drag Queen.


Instructions in PDF format are located here:


The Drag Queen remains an easy to build kit, which may be built either as a line of sight, remote controlled (RC) aircraft, autonomous with flight controller, or configured for FPV.


Kit includes airframe components to assemble one airframe. 


No Electronic Components are included with these kits.


Specifications (Assembled):

  • Length 510mm (20")
  • Wingspan 740mm (29")


Empty Weight (Assembled - No Electronics): 125 grams


  • Battery Compartment - I've flown with 3s, 4s, 18650 and 21700 packs of various capacities.
    • Height 35.5mm
    • Length 175mm
    • Width 60mm


  • Avionics Compartment (Forward - Under Hatch)
    • Height 27mm
    • Length 105mm
    • Width 60mm


  • Avionics Compartment (Aft - Under Wing)
    • Height 18mm
    • Length 125mm
    • Width 60mm



Rev 24 updates include:

  • Improved Avionics Hatch


  • Improved Pitch Trim and Takeoff Trim Indicators


  • Improved Center of Gravity Markers


  • Motor Backplate v3


  • Nose Skin v4


  • FPV Alignment System


  • Improved Avionics tray - better wiring passthroughs


Required Parts to complete your Airframes:  (Amazon Affiliate parts suggestion links provided)


  • Motor - 16 X 19 Motor Mounts with M3 Screws.  I'm using 2205-2300KV quadcopter motors.





  • RC Receiver - There's much debate - and you can go any way you want.  For my flying, and with OpenTx running on my radio, I'll take an inexpensive (but still good) receiver with well placed antennas.






Recommended Tools:









    Airframe Kit Only - No Electronics Included.


    Returns accepted.  Refunds given for returned, unused kits containing all parts, and in a resaleablecondition.  Purchaser responsible for return shipping.  Not responsible for errors in workmanship during assembly, or damage to persons or property during use.

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