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It's not that I don't like quads

...but there is something about a direct connection to the flight controls.

Knowing that you're the idiot that got that plane up there, so it's only you to bring it down.

Maybe the conditions aren't perfect. It's a little windy - a little turbulent - especially when you get close to those trees, or that fence. ...but this is the only chance you've got to get away - your only opportunity to be free flying through space until you're drug back into the grind.

So now you've got to figure it out - make the best of things. Is my battery sagging? Do I have the performance to climb back up that hill? Where is the wind coming from? What obstacles are between me and my antenna? Is that asymmetric drag from a flight control issue - or did I catch a branch again? Which way gets me back home?

It's a million things to think about - but it's also a blank and focused mind. A mind of single purpose.

There's just a magic to natural fixed wing flying.

.Return to home is in your head.

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